Test & Certification

  • Full SANAS / IECEx accredited test laboratory
  • MASC is a Certification Body for auditing of manufacturing and repair facilities.
  • MASC is a Certification Body for product certification (I.A. and IECEx certification for products / systems).
IA Certification

  • Conversions: Issuing of IA certificates based on overseas or local  Certification (e.g. IECEx, ATEX, UKEx, ANZEx, etc.).
  • Type certification: Issuing of IA certificates for products, systems, components etc.
  • Inspections: Issuing of IA certificates for machine inspections, skid’s etc.
  • Expired / Old certification: Issuing of IA certificates by recertification of old Ex equipment  / certificates.
International Certification & Support (IECEx / ATEX / UKEx / ANZEx )

  • Certification: Includes technical, test requirements and certification processes.
  • Overseas certification: IECEx reports / certificates from MASC may be used  to obtain ATEX, ANZEx etc. certificates by means of specific acceptance from specific overseas labs.
  • Project management: Specific guidance and project management for IECEx product certification.
  • MASC facilitates International certification to different countries / Ex Schemes including:
  1. IECEx
  2. ANZEx (MSTC / Ex Testing & Certification (ExTC))
  3. ATEX (CML CSA Group (Sira))

  • Inspection services: Including on-site inspections for mine machines, installations, repairs, equipment etc.
  • Inspections of installations for certification compliance, installation practises etc.
Batch Testing

  • Quality inspections based on type certification for Ex production units.
Loop Approvals / Intrinsic Safety System Approvals

  • An intrinsic safety loop / system, consisting of different interconnected intrinsically safe pieces of equipment, requires approval from an ATL (accredited test laboratory) in South Africa. This is applicable whether the loop or system is used on a plant, on a mine  machine etc.
  • MASC assists in guiding the client through the loop setup / generic documentation requirements.
  • MASC approves I.S. loops / systems, as required by regulations / South African codes of practice.
MASC Markscheme / Quality System Audits

  • MASC operates the only SANAS accredited (C83) Markscheme based on ISO/IEC 17065 principles. The SANS/IEC 80079-34 (IECEx), EN 13980(ATEX) and MP87-1 (ANZEx) principles are utilized in the Markscheme.
  • An acknowledged IECEx / ATEx / UKEx/ ANZEx auditor is used.
  • Pre-audit visits (To determine readiness).
Area Classification / Hazardous Area Classification

  • Dust, gases and vapours area classifications.
  • On-site classifications.
  • Drawing reviews.
  • Classification report.
  • Annual review of classification.
Ex Training / Hazardous Location Training

    MASC training is developed and presented by highly experienced and competent personnel, willing to assist in your day to day Ex Training / Hazardous Location training requirements. Our courses include:
    • Hazardous Locations.
    • Intrinsic Safety.
    • Flameproof / Explosion Proof.
    • Installations.
    • Inspections.
    • Repairs and maintenance
    • Design
    • Etc.
    Product Development Support

    • Guidance
    • Testing Requirements.
    • Certification Processes (National & International).
    • Installation.
    • Inspection & Maintenance.
    RSA Application

    (IA certificate/RSA Report)

    IECEx Application

    (ExTR & COC)

    IECEx Application