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MASC operates the first private sector SANAS accredited Certification Body (C83) Markscheme (Manufacture and repair audits) according to ISO/IEC 17065 principles. ISO 9001; SANS/IEC 80079-34 (IECEx & ATEX) and MP87-1 (ANZEx) principles are applied in the Mark Scheme to ensure a consistent

The Markscheme in administered under MASC Training and Certification and operates independently of Mining And Surface Certification (Pty) Ltd.

Why become a Mark Holder?

Certification of a product is a way to provide assurance that the product complies with specified standards and other normative documents. The assurance of compliance will be given as a certificate or mark (for the product).

The MASC mark shows your clients that you have made a credible effort to ensure that your products are manufactured / repaired under a controlled quality system and to provide your clients with the best possible product.

Samples may be tested on an ongoing basis to ensure product compliance with the standards. The Quality Management System must be established and adhered to, as this will ensure products that comply with original type certification.

Audits are conducted by trained and acknowledgeable auditors, some of whom are acknowledged IECEx, ATEX, ANZEx auditors.

The registration period covers a permit for a period of 3 year with regular surveillance audits. The Markscheme can be extended to include additional sites / permits or additional Ex techniques.

For more details on the full process please see Markscheme Process.

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