The endeavours of an ATL are contrary to popular belief all but monotonous … The requirements per standards remain the same and the approach towards assessments are always strictly according to well-engineered working instructions, but the equipment being assessed always pose new challenges as technology evolves and capacity increases.

The lab and technical workshop layout constantly changes to accommodate for new challenges or requirements. With each iteration of change, whether by choice or due to necessity, the goal is always to move one more step closer “in the pursuit of perfection”.

During the past 6 months MASC expanded on its already more than 1000m2 facility to now include a new reception area and auditorium.


The auditorium is used for symposiums, training, seminars or round table sessions and can be booked for similar functions.


In addition to the Auditorium that was added, we built a brand new IS lab, IP lab, 2 boardrooms, a new batch depo, Flameproof Transmission test bench and we replaced our 2 Ton Overhead Crane with an upgraded 4 Ton Crane.

All this whilst attending to the day to day activities of an ATL…all but monotonous.

If you visited MASC more than 6 months ago, you might (again) not recognise the Facility!