Frequently Asked Questions

Apparatus that is constructed in accordance with a recognized type of explosion protection, and that has been certified as such by a Testing Authority. (SANS 1515-1:2006 Edition 2.1)
It is a location determined by national regulations or by the risk assessment of the plant or mine, where there might be a significant risk of the ignition of gas, dust or vapour. (ARP 0108:2007 Edition 1.1)
A notified body is a body that carries out the tasks pertaining to the conformity assessment procedures referred to in the applicable New Approach Directives (ATEX Directive) when third party certification is required. NOTE In European countries where the ATEX Directive applies, member countries are responsible for identifying the Notified Bodies. (ARP 0108:2007 Edition 1.1)
It is a Test laboratory that is accredited by the government-endorsed South African accreditation body (SANAS) and appointed by the approving authority to carry out tests specified in the appropriate standards and to issue certificates (known as IA certificates) for explosion-protected apparatus indicating that such apparatus complies with safety requirements and any other requirements of the approving authority. (ARP 0108:2007 Edition 1.1)