Our Services

Local and International Certification Support

Prompt and friendly feedback on general certification requirements and processes as well as a free 20 minutes, no-obligation introduction meeting for first time certification endeavors. Read more…

IA Certification

Type assessment on all Ex techniques including Intrinsic Safety, Flameproof, Non-Sparking, Encapsulation etc. Read more…

Batch Inspections

Quick turn-around times on batch inspections for the assurance of conformance and to ensure the product reaches the end client promptly. Read more…


Promptply convert any internationally supported certificate like ATEX or IECEx to a local IA certificate. Read more…


Attend any of our in-house, customised or merSETA accredited training courses to further your knowledge in the fields and sub-fields of the Intrinsic safety or Flameproof techniques as well as Hazardous locations. Read more…

On-Site Inspections

Inspections of equipment and mine machines for Certification compliance, Installation practices and repairs. Read more…

Mark Scheme

Mining And Surface Certification operate a Mark Scheme (Manufacture and repair audits) according to ISO/IEC 17065 principles. SANS/IEC 80079-34 (IECEx & ATEX) and MP87-1 (ANZEx) principles are applied. Read more…


MASC is the only IECEx accredited Certification Body (ExCB) and Test Lab (ExTL) in Sub-Saharan Africa under the IECEx Equipment Scheme. MASC is also a CB under the IECEx Service Facility Scheme.
Read more…

About Mining and Surface Certification (MASC)

MASC was established in October 2008 and in this time obtained accreditation from the Department of Mineral Resources, SANAS and Department of Labour as well as International IECEx Accreditation. MASC has more than 50 years Ex experience amongst its technical specialists. MASC is the first, private sector SANAS accredited Certification Body in Sub-Saharan Africa.


MASC’s facility covers over 1000m². MASC is a level 4 BBBEE approved company. MASC is the only International (IECEx) accredited Certification Body and Test Laboratory in Sub-Saharan  Africa. MASC covers most disciplines in the Ex field with full accreditation. The personnel of MASC commits to professional conduct and practice, effective and efficient test and assessment results, as well as a high level of quality in all activities.


The primary standards applicable to Ex Equipment / Hazardous locations / Ex certification in South Africa are:

  • SANS 10108: “The classification of hazardous locations and the selection of equipment for use in such locations.”
  • ARP 0108: “Regulatory requirements for explosion-protected equipment.”
  • For a full scope of standards as published under Techincal Committee TC65 click here.


Numerous projects are conducted / supported for the international market, including ANZEx, ATEX, IECEx and MSHA.

Our services include:

  • Test and certification services (IA certificates)
  • On-site inspections
  • Ex Training
  • Markscheme (RSA) / manufacturer audits / QAR’s (IECEx)
  • Area classification
  • Consultation / Product development support
  • International certification support (ATEX / ANZEx / MSHA / IECEx)


Adapt Expand Improve…Repeat

The endeavours of an ATL are contrary to popular belief all but monotonous … The requirements per standards remain the same and the approach towards assessments are always strictly according to well-engineered working instructions, but